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J+R 2013

It happened to me to realise consumers’ tendency to purchase the image of the brand rather than considering its value and practicality. They do not hesitate to buy abhorrent objects like skulls when logos are printed not the bottom. The brand is a hard shell that encages our mind and body. This work shows two screens. the first screen is about None which is worn and owned by numerous people. Wherever you go, you can easily spot Nike on people of all ages. The logo spreads out in diverse colour pouring out countless Nikes. The image started from the thought that there are too many of them and how Nike is dictating our daily scencery> An extravagant video of Chanel asks the question. What if the perfume bottle losses the logo, No.5? What os left without it? Monograms on Louis Vuitton bag seems not so special but modern women carry them with zeal. It is a question from doubts of the worth of the monogram. The skull is overused commercially by various brands. It used to be an abhorrent subject to drive away people, however, after it became the symbol of a luxury brand, it is reborn to such beauty. Stereotypical milk cartons and soda cans are endlessly produced with swapped labels. This video work figuratively parodies our consuming patterns. On the other side of the wall, crystal balls in a fish tank transforms the image through refraction and reflection of the light. It is depicting illusion of the brand labels. The consumption system is jest the empty can. In the end, it all spreads and disappears. The work attempts rebellion against a capitalistic society where everything is commercialised and consumed. It gives the opportunity to see two opposite effects by refracting and reflecting the image. It leads us, the young consumers, to rethink our consumption in the current situation.

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