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Personal Ritual 2015-2020

The plastic gloves are used to hang on the Korean street market for driving away insects like scarecrow.


Even though there are the advanced method with technology, primitive and less effective water filled plastic gloves still are occupying the shops.


I take it as incantatory faith and hope to prevent misfortune and this hypothesis is the starting point of this project. 


My works are performed in the way of a ritual.

The effect may not be extreme, though I find sense of security through the process and my accumulated works could reflect transformation of my thought and provide comforting atmosphere at the same time.


I would not say that   the ritual is effective. However, gathered people with the same belief brings meanings and comforts. 


According to this theory, the plastic glove becomes cathexis of hope and ceremonial object continuously progressing my work.


What makes the icon/faith is that its repetitive uses by various people with the fixed meanings and purposes. I am transforming an mundane matter to the symbolic object by giving them meanings. Through installation of plastic gloves at the places that I want to protect, the glove is developed as the keeper of the hope.



The performance is similar to making a talisman. Belief in talisman could be desperate hope for someone, but it could be meaningless and lousy to someone else. However to whom it needs, it gives emotional comforts and brings belief.   

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